So I decided to make the move. As of this post, I have two websites but will soon have one because I haven’t learned how to redirect my old domain at Blogger to this domain at WordPress. Eventually I’ll figure it out. Theres a few reasons I’m posting this. First, I need something on here. Things look empty at my WordPress page. Also, I chose a theme and don’t know how it will look if there is no content to share. I’m hoping that with one post, I can get an idea of how the theme will appear, or what I need to do to make things look better.

I’m sorry if this is boring to read but as with everything I do, its all a work in progress. I have to stop holding back in fear that things will suck because they wil suck at first. Either way, I want to make progress.

I think this should be plenty for now. Thanks for your patience and time.cropped-abe-icon.jpgimg_0820


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