I’m probably going to be using this tool a lot so here’s the directions I found to embed a podcast into your WordPress page. I was originally told about this by Ileane Smith.


You’ve got something to say about podcasts and you want your readers to hear the shows for themselves. RadioPublic’s user-friendly embed player has you covered. Just look at (or better yet, listen to) this beauty:

OK, great — but how do you get these show and episode embeds into your WordPress posts (or pages)? It’s a pretty straightforward copy-and-paste job, but here are the step-by-step instructions:

Psst… want to embed podcasts on a different platform? Here are the instructions for Medium, Squarespace, and all other publishing platforms.

1 Find a show at search.radiopublic.com:

2 Click on the show you want:

3Optional: if you’d prefer to embed a specific episode, click the title of the episode you want.

4 Ta-da! You just found your embed link. Select it, and copy the full link (Ctrl-C or Command-C).

5 Next, go to your WordPress editing screen and paste the…

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