Well, I received an email recently that’s got me really excited. It was from this website called Podchaser. Apparently I signed up with them a little while ago but forgot. The email hooked me when they said they’d partnered with a company called TeePublic and offered me a free T-shirt if I linked my TeePublic shop! So i followed the links and kept learning about all the cool stuff Podchaser has been up to. For instance, I now have a banner you can click to learn more about my Podcast. Super easy!

Podchaser - AM Radio / Abe Martinez on Anchor

Hopefully WordPress automatically makes that code work for me lol. Otherwise I’m gonna be embarrassed. Anyway, there’s a ton of other cool stuff about Podchaser and all the FREE stuff they’re doing for podcasts and podcasters but I’m gonna go back to working on my free T-shirt and TeePublic shop! Woot!

PS. I’ll report more about this later 😀

PSS. WordPress didn’t automatically make the code for my banner work but it was an easy fix by finding the little tool they have for adding stuff to a post


…yeah, that’s the one

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