I am making this post in hopes that it will get published later today. I’ve done a few of these posts attempts before without publishing them. Mainly because I found that the editing process has been a bit more complicated than I would’ve liked. It’s difficult to edit things while in a moving vehicle if you get motion sickness as easily as I do.

But here’s one last shot; so this post may not be very long just so that I can keep it simple enough to edit in a quicker manner and therefore it will likely get posted. In summary, the other posts were about comparing keyboards for my iPad.

The reason I’m interested in talking about keyboards for my iPad is because I’ve been trying to grow the content on my website; this post being part of that effort along with any others I write.

Here is the abbreviated version. I originally started talking about wanting to get the new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard but then changed my mind due to the price of $350 which I couldn’t really justify to myself or my wife LOL. So I then started trying to test out other keyboards including The Smart keyboard that I already own and is currently attached to my iPad. Although I’m not a very fast typist I still thought it would be cool to have a magic keyboard with a trackpad but that may come along further in the future. This particular post I’m actually dictating using a pretty decent headset that is most commonly used by truck drivers, the BlueParrott 550XT.

For the most part it can be clear enough to get I’d say maybe 95 to 98% accuracy. And I think the mistakes are probably more due to the software rather than the kind of microphone on this headset. Also it could be due to the way I say things but all in all I am mostly satisfied with the results so far. I am transcribing this on my iPhone because it is probably the easier method of doing it rather than onto my iPad which is more cumbersome to do and less safe to do while driving.

Rest assured that I am being as safe as I can because my eyes are on the road and I am basically talking as if I was talking to somebody on a phone call; quite safe.

I don’t really check for accuracy while I’m recording or dictating because my hopes are that the accuracy will be good enough that I can catch mistakes in the editing process later on. I will also attempt to use Grammarly on the iPad to catch as many mistakes as possible and therefore make the editing process easier on myself.

So what’s the point of this blog post? Well the answer is it’s partly an experiment and also partly a way to say that I am evolving how I am creating blog posts. I believe the next step will be when I get more accessories for my iPad. For example in the future I will be receiving something called the Sketchboard Pro which I ordered from indiegogo by supporting a company called Braintree House. This is a flat board/iPad case that allows better drawing angles to be easier for artists during long work sessions. I will be very happy to do a review in the future to see how it makes drawing easier and also doubles as an iPad mount to hold the iPad taller while typing with an external keyboard attached via USB that I have from an old Mac iMac. Yes more experimenting to come! And I will be recording on how all these different keyboards and accessories affect my workflow as an independent artist and creator. Feel free to let me know what you think about all these things on Instagram @abeyham81 or send a voice message to my Podcast on Anchor, Abe Plus. Again thanks for reading take care.

P.S. it was my birthday weekend so it took me a couple of days to post this lol. Also I learned that I had lost my subscription to Grammarly and was feeling too cheap to renew it right not so there’s that.

Keyboard Progression