Here’s a recommendation I’m happy to make to all you trying to find the perfect gift during the shopping deals season. It’s the iPad (currently 8th generation) that usually goes for $329 but is discounted by 30% right now on Amazon. Click the link below to take you there. Also as an added bonus you help me get closer to joining the amazon affiliate program which will go towards funding all the creative content that’s to come 🙂


I really can’t recommend this enough. The iPad is such a great value for the price and around this time of year you can find it for even lower than you’d expect! I bought one last year for $250 brand new but I bet you could get a refurbished/renewed one for even less.

These things are really built to last so even last years model will deliver for many years. Both my sons own one now and they use it everyday for fun and learning. I’ll probably post a more in depth kind of “review” in the future about this iPad if people are interested.

You should really check it ou, there are very few things better out there let alone even come close to what something like this can do.