Hi, this is Abe Martinez. The one and only Abe that anybody really needs to know lol. But that’s just my opinion. You might say I’m a little biased.

Don’t mind me, I’m just feeling silly right now. I’m typing on my new keyboard gifted to me by my lovely wife. This was a purchase I didn’t have the guts to make for myself. Honestly I’ve been really wanting this keyboard since it was announced earlier this year and I’ve mentioned it in previous post. Yes, I am typing this on the Apple Magic keyboard for iPad Pro.

The very expensive, embarrassingly so, keyboard that let’s my iPad Pro magnetically mount it to give a more laptop-like experience. It has new keys that have the same scissor switch design as the latest MacBook laptops which some people love. The previous Smart Keyboard used butterfly keys that were sealed and could survive a little water and dust. I love that design too.

Well,”if you loved it so much, why get such an expensive upgrade?” Valid question; It’s why I couldn’t justify the purchase on my own until now when my wife pushed me off the cliff on my birthday. I even went so far as to canceling an order in May because of the guilt around the price. Fast forward to today and the Magic Keyboard is here now sitting on my lap as I type about it for you fine folk.

To answer the “why” question posed before, there are three main reasons that really stand out to me. The main one is that it comes with a trackpad right in front of the keys. iPad OS recently made it possible for us to have cursor support and while that allows for the use of a mouse and other external trackpads, the one included on this keyboard is so very conveniently placed right where you’d need one on a laptop so of course it’s the best choice for using a cursor in my opinion. Having a trackpad also opens up a bunch of swipe gestures to control the iPad in many useful ways, making it that much more valuable.

The next reason for my Magic upgrade is the built in USB-C port in the keyboard’s large hinge. One more port, hurray... Some might not see that as a win but for someone like me that uses a USB hub to hook up multiple accessories, this really helps. I can now charge through the keyboard’s port which passes the power through to my iPad via the smart connector and frees up the iPad’s existing port for the hub; very handy for external microphone, storage, etc.

The third reason that I think this keyboard is an upgrade would be the hinges that serve a couple of useful purposes. The obvious one being a higher range of viewing angles and the second being the aforementioned USB-C port in the main hinge. The hinge mechanism allows the iPad to sit in a floating like position over the keys which not only looks cool, it also raises the iPad to a level closer to the users eyes.

All in all I really love this Magic Keyboard because it’s different, feels great to type on and lets me pull my iPad off more conveniently for when I want to draw in tablet mode. There some other things about this keyboard that I could mention but they’re not really important enough for my use case to lend much time to them. If you want to know more, check out all the reviews out there. For me I’m super happy with this keyboard will let help me create more blog posts in the future and easily be set aside for other non-typing uses. It’s a weird thing to say about an expensive accessory who’s main function is for typing but that’s what I believe will work best for me.

I will report more about my experience in the future. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, send them to my instagram @abeyham81 and feel free to follow me there since it’s where I’m most active at this time. Hopefully with this keyboard I can start changing that to make my website more active. Again, thanks for stopping by!