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Well, I received an email recently that’s got me really excited. It was from this website called Podchaser. Apparently I signed up with them a little while ago but forgot. The email hooked me when they said they’d partnered with a company called TeePublic and offered me a free T-shirt if I linked my TeePublic shop! So i followed the […]

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Listen to AM Radio

I was able to embed this player by copying and pasting the link on my desktop browser. It wan’t working when i was adding the link with the mobile app. Nevertheless here it is. Yay. I am also adding a page that will always have the player ready at the top for you listening pleasure. That way you can catch […]

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Here’s a Test

So I decided to make the move. As of this post, I have two websites but will soon have one because I haven’t learned how to redirect my old domain at Blogger to this domain at WordPress. Eventually I’ll figure it out. Theres a few reasons I’m posting this. First, I need something on here. Things look empty at my […]