Office update

This weekend I posted on Instagram an image of myself as I worked on building my office. This office has been in the works since I moved in to my house maybe a year and a half ago or more. Unfortunately with all the job changes and other life events, progress of the office came to a complete halt.

Needless to say, that has been weighing on my shoulders quite a bit. I really do want to be able to use that home office as the main place where I create content. My dream, as I’ve stated before has been to create many different kinds of media. I felt that this office could be the place where I can create all of those things and more.

I have a video recording set up that although I don’t have big fancy cameras I could still use cameras on my iPhone and iPad and WebCams to create something that’s at least somewhat decent. I have descent microphones that I am still learning to use but I think I can actually get the job done. Speaking of audio, I managed to stick up some leftover foam that I had laying around onto the walls to help with the sound dampening for echo reduction for when I record pretty much anything like podcasts and videos. Bad audio tends to make people run for the hills sometimes I hear… But of course it could also be the creator LOL.

Honestly I think the office is starting out pretty good but alas, I could not finish the set up this weekend. Things got too busy since I only had one day and a half off of work and of course with Christmas coming up some of the time was spent in preparations for that day.

I’m not complaining, just lamenting that I had hoped I could at least record one video from a completed office and perhaps maybe even a second one boasting about my accomplishment. So you can imagine my disappointment when my weekend ended and the office looked to be about 80% done.

I have all the heavy things put in place different the desk and a few pieces of furniture that I will use to hold up some of my equipment. On sessions will be getting the electronics in place to where they were best capture what I’m trying to put down.

I’m thinking I’m moving all my media towards a different direction well maybe not so different just it’s likely shifted over. I have mentioned before that I do want to make videos about myself drawing so my hopes were there with this video set up in my office I can record myself trying on my iPad with new equipment hand of course such a great set up that everybody would be amazed and want to subscribe and watch everything I do ha ha! This means that there will be a lot of life streaming also.

The live streaming will greatly be helped or enhanced by my new subscription to you can live which was recommended by Ileane Smith. I am really excited to try this software out! It has many features that I think with you alarm benefit to my life streams and pre-recorded videos. I have previously tested out the demo version of this app before but because I did pay for it my commitment was not very solid and therefore I forgot most of what either ha ha… But this time it better be different because since I’ve paid for it now I better freaking use it on my wife is going to kill me crying emoji.

So that’s the update for now as soon as of December 2. And I am currently sitting in my truck recording this with voice text I have to look forward to going back home on the weekend to try the office again, maybe this time I will complete the job. Yes I am now able to come home at least once a week because my job has change my schedule around to a more Baker is driving experience but one that is structured and scheduled so that I can actually make it home for the weekends. Hooray! This means more family time and maybe a little more creative time. Thank you very much for reading check it out everything that I do. Especially to go all those are beautiful taking the time out to show your support in any way that you have! If you want to get a hold of me you can find me on Instagram @abeyham81 send me a message there since it’s the easiest in my opinion.