Update June 29,2020: in case you were wondering, I've figured out how to change the theme for pages. So now my previous comment about "all this red text and pictures"make no sense (more nervous laughter...)


I do believe I’m falling behind on writing blog posts like a real pro (PROcrastinator that is). At this time I am sitting on my bed during my weekend while my wife watches Youtube claw machine videos and my son is trying to play the new Animal Crossing game on his Nintendo Switch Lite. Every now and then he will look away from his tiny yellow brick to ask his momma to read what the little characters are saying to him.

I’m normally not very good at being creative while this kind of noise is around me but I’m making the best of it. I’ve been away from home for a few weeks now since I took the new job with a FedEx contractor. The position requires me to drive over the road for weeks at a time but I’ve found a new contractor that will mostly let me come home on the weekends.

There’s so much that I can tell you about like how the Corona Virus is affecting our lives, how my new job has been playing out, what my plans are now and so on, but I’m going to put a hold on all that for the time being. I think I need to figure out a few more things about this website builder tool because I don’t like all this red text and pictures.

Something I will say is thanks to Patrick from WLOAP.com (We Live On a Planet) for gifting me this one year subscription to the Universe app. He had gotten one free from the development team and decided to pass it on to me because he had already paid for his own subscription. I am really enjoying it so far although I will say, I wish I had more time to invest in building my website to a level worthy of his generosity. Thanks again Patrick, I hope I don’t let you down here (nervous laughter)...